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Welcome To
Group Therapy

Licensed psychologists Dr. Jessica Rabon, Dr. Justin Puder, Dr. Kristen Casey and licensed therapist Kristen Gingrich LCSW, CADC, CCS are coming together to create a podcast to talk about topics chosen by you, the listeners, in a laid back, relatable way. Kinda like group therapy!


From mental health to relationships, hot topics to current events, fun topics and everything in between, including bipolar disorder, our goal is for your voices to be heard and you to feel like you are part of the group.


So settle in, take a seat, and Welcome to Group Therapy!

Drop in with Dr. J

This is a safe space where we have open, authentic conversations about ALL THINGS mental health!


Although it may not smell as musty as your therapist's couch... this podcast is hosted by therapist & licensed psychologist, Dr. Justin Puder, aka "Dr. J" or amoderntherapist on social media.


In each episode of Drop In, Dr. J and his guests will explore not only the science and technical aspects specific mental health phenomena but also share their personal experiences. It’s not always easy, but Dr. J believes being vulnerable is the best way to crush the stigma around mental health! 

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